Relocation from Georgia

We moved from Atlanta, GA to New Jersey and our realtor in Georgia did some research and found The Sold Sisters. They immediately set up a phone call with my husband and me and the four of us talked about what we wanted, what we tended to lean toward, our priorities and our house buying history (this is our 8th home buying experience). We also asked them to remind us of our priorities and to protect us from making a decision we might later regret. I can honestly say this is the first time I have had fun buying a home. We loved spending the day looking at houses and when we found one that had just come on the market they worked with us suggesting patience so that we could get the house at the best price. They were always available to us for mundane or important questions and we learned a lot. They seem to know everyone — (if you need a contractor, painter, or kid next door to remove snow…) they can help. If you want a house anywhere in the Westfield area the best decision you can make is hiring Brigid and Marisa.

— Leah N.